Why Spring Time is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door


The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, why, it must be Spring! As Springtime approaches, our spirits are lifted, and we are ready to start anew. With spring cleaning in the air why not considering replacing your garage doors. Spring is the best time to do this for multiple reasons; safety concerns, added security, and economic value.

Safety Concerns with Springs

The springs in your garage have taken a beating after a long winter. The changing temperatures that evolve from winter into spring can have an impact on your springs which are essentially the backbone of your garage door. Springs should last five to six years, however, the chillier and sometimes frigid temperatures can result in misaligned or broken springs.

Try not to ignore this issue because the brutally hot summer weather will only make the situation worse. Once the springs completely break causing your garage door to come crashing down. If you’re lucky only replacing the door will be your concern. Far too often things are left below the garage door and without these springs people or pets can be severely injured.

If you’re not sure of the condition of your springs after the winter, call us and we will be more than happy to come and inspect for you!

Added Security

Whether you’re just repairing your garage door or replacing it, it’s the simple fact that garage doors help add a layer of security to your home. Many homes have an attached garage and if the door isn’t working properly it leaves your home vulnerable to anyone who may have crime on their mind.

There’s no need to replace your garage door every year, but the technological advances with new doors can help make things a lot simpler for a homeowner. There is a level of reassurance that comes with the ability to have sensors and automatic lighting installed that can help deter any intruders.

As we may often forget about our garage door when doing repairs around the home, it can really benefit to upgrade. New advances to garage doors will allow your home to be the most secure. The easiest way to be burglarized is by leaving garage door remotes hanging on the visors in our car. Today’s technology can allow any garage door owner to open and close their garage door with their smartphone! No more remotes!

Economic Value

One of the more compelling reasons to have your garage door replaced is the monetary value it can bring. Better-insulated doors can save on energy costs and keep things cool in the summer. New doors can also bring additional value to your home which is especially true if you are thinking of selling your home. Most likely it has been a while since you’ve last replaced your garage door. Since then think of all the styles, colors, and insulation levels that have changed and are sure to impress you!

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