When should I replace my garage door?


These questions are sometimes difficult to answer when you’re trying to determine the best improvements for your home and garage.

Most people use their garage as the main entrance to their home, so it can get damaged with increased frequency. Broken cables, faulty rollers, misaligned tracks, broken glass or windows, and panel replacements are the most common repairs needed to get your garage back in pristine condition. If the door gets stuck often or repeatedly breaks, you’re probably better off replacing it altogether.

Storm damage often puts dings and dents on metal or steel garage doors and are typically minor concerns. However, if the damage causes a hindrance to the door opening and closing, you need to replace it.  Steel insulated garage doors are a bit more durable and will take storm damage much better.

If you hear unpleasant noises coming from your garage door when you open it, you should get it checked. It might need a small repair, but there’s also a possibility that you have a safety and security problem. You don’t want to risk someone getting hurt or your home being vulnerable to theft. In these cases, it’s often best to replace the garage operator and/or the door.

For older garage doors, you might want to replace simply because the features on them are outdated. Newer doors have better insulation quality, which saves you money on air conditioning. Other features like remote access and monitors give you peace of mind, and newer operators make less noise, offering a backup battery system in case you lose power.

Finally, you might just need to replace your garage door if you want a new aesthetic. Curb appeal is no joke, and your garage door is one of the most prominent visuals outside your home. Don’t settle for the plain, boring door. Replace it with something that compliments your house’s architecture. Add some windows, a little color, or a new finish. Make sure the first thing someone sees when they visit is your clean, well-maintained, garage door.

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