What To Consider When Choosing A New Garage Door


If you are building your family dream home or are replacing an old garage door there are a number of factors that you have to consider so as to end up with the right fit for your home. And as you do so it is important to put in mind the fact that your garage door plays a crucial role in the security and curb appeal of the property. With that said, here are some of the major considerations you’ll have to deal with at this time.

Manual or automatic operation?

Do you want a manually-operated garage door or an automatic operated one? The manual doors require that you lift the door by the handle located at the bottom and lift it up by hand. You don’t have to exert too much force to open a manual door due to the torsion spring which helps with the lifting, but still its manual operation. Automatically-operated garage doors, on the other hand, rely on an electric garage door opener (motor) to do all the heavy lifting. The opener will cost you more money but it offers great convenience on a daily basis.

Garage door opener type

If you want an automatic garage door then you’ll need to select a garage door opener. There are many brands to choose from in the market. But the brand is not the only important thing to look out for. Check the power of the unit by assessing its horsepower rating. Also check its noise rating by checking its decibel rating. Also check additional features such as LED lights and the ability to open the door using a remote opener, car-mounted sensors or even phone-installed apps.

Folding or sliding?

Garage doors can open by sliding up and over the garage area vertically or by folding up horizontally. Now you may be wondering how these two methods impact your use. And yes, there are implications to using either. The sliding garage doors take up quite a bit of space above your garage, space that you could otherwise use for storage. On the other hand, while the sliding doors do save you some space, they are harder to operate manually.

Garage door design

Last, but not in any way the least, you have the design of the garage door. Now remember that the garage door is a very focal part of the home’s exterior beauty. As such, you want a garage door that will make your house look good. For one you need to consider what color you want your door to be. White is the safest color to go for, but you can apply any shade (or mix of colors). You also need to choose the materials to be used, the design of the sections, whether to add glass for beauty and light, etc.

Once you’re done with this process talk to us for professional garage door installation San Diego services. We can even help you source the perfect garage door for your home and offer year-round maintenance services.

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