Using Your Garage Door in Halloween Decor


Decorating for Halloween is loads of fun and you can incorporate ever part of your home’s face. So why not take advantage of that big, flat (maybe), moving part of your home? I found a ton of great ideas for decorating your garage door for this scary season and here’s a few of my favorites!

1. The Head of the Beast

This one was pretty popular last year but it really deserves another round of applause. This innovative and animated creeper head is sure to give at least a few visitors a good spook.

2. Creepy Crawliest

This one is simple and perfect for you kid-helper. While this idea was originally for front doors, there’s nothing stopping you from going full throttle on your garage!

3. Mummie’s Wrap

This family-friendly door decor is a great arts and crafts activity for the kids! The San Diego weather is perfect for a quick TP wrap. Plus, you can get creative with a goofy face or gruesome teeth! Thank you to AlwaystheHolidays for the idea!

4. Eerie Toothed Creature

May sticking stuff to your garage door isn’t right. How about hanging some teeth over (and maybe under) to give a full jaw-some scare!

5. Spooky Siloette 

This really opens up the lanes for creativity! You can cut out just about anything from black paper from a witch’s cauldron to a spooky owl. Get creative! Add some halloween lights behind the edges for that spooky glow. Thank you to DIYbunker for the idea!

6. Scene of the Crime

If you’re going for something a bit more jaw-dropping than #1 (haha), how about a crime scene? It’s simple enough with a dummy and bit of red dye! Thanks to TendHunter for the idea!

7. Window’s Peek

Have windows in your garage door? Tape a few silhouettes of some hands onto the inside of the window and BAM. Torture chamber. You can also tape some red or orange tissue paper down behind that to give a nice burning glow. 

Have a great idea for garage door decor this scare-season? Let us know in the comments!

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