The Right Garage Door Design for Your Exterior


Garage doors are most often regarded by homeowners as a section of the home that does not require much attention in terms of design and beauty. It is mainly viewed as a necessity that not many bother with… but guess what? Garage doors are a great selling point for a home, because:  they deliver great curb appeal, contribute greatly to the aesthetics of the house. and are considered to carry 20% of a home’s front view.

An appealing exterior design of your home is as important as the interior design, because it makes your residential home the envy of the neighborhood, and adds to the home’s value in the event of a real estate sale.

Choosing the right garage door for your home involves the right specs, materials, designs, style, and color. Your garage door should complement your home’s style, pattern, stone, and even the color – it doesn’t have to be the same color as your home, but something well blended and complementary. You can be your own architect; choosing and designing your dream home with great garage doors.

Your garage door can be in the style of a swing in/out, roll, or slide-in, depending on choice. It can be a traditional, modern or carriage design, but shouldn’t be boring and unappealing. Below are some appealing and suitable garage door designs to consider and invest in, for residential homes.

For a cottage style home, a wooden double-door, with simple detail of smooth lines, reveals a simplistic charm and contemporary exterior to a modern or country home. With a sturdy frame, the top panels have a fine, light-brushed color that accentuates the entire garage door, and windows to allow light in, while providing privacy at the same time. This type of garage door is excellent for homes in San Diego since there is less rainfall. Less rainfall helps to retain its beauty and prevent wood warping.

A glass paneled window garage door, which incorporates aluminum or wood, is a great choice for any home. It requires minimal detailing and gives a sleek outlook. It is complementary with its ability to capture light, allowing sunshine to brighten your home. With the perfect San Diego weather, your home is sure to look unique. At night, light bulbs will illuminate your driveway, with the windows giving a radiant reflection, as this design depicts modern and contemporary architecture…simple yet elegant.

Geometrically lined/ribbed steel, double garage doors, are long-lasting and simple, with no extra detail. This elegant garage door is suitable for your home, allowing you to choose any color and style without reflecting a contrasting match. With a smooth finish, it can be painted and re-modeled to match the walls of your home.

Considering a show-room experience, wooden garage doors are very fine and exquisite and blend well with a modern elegance. Where your garage faces the street, a smoothly polished wooden garage door will make your home’s exterior visually appealing. The roof can be raised slightly to shade the doors from excess sunlight, which can prevent wood bleaching.

Carriage house garage doors, make use of mostly wood or vinyl for their charm. A traditional wooden garage door, with paned glass windows placed in the middle of the doors elegantly, is perfect for a Carriage house, as it defines a country character with a nice outlook. With a brilliant finishing, this type of garage door can be painted in any color to match and style your home’s exterior. You can include ornamental plants for extra beauty.

A vinyl garage door is very durable and easy to maintain. For sea-side or coastal areas in San Diego, a vinyl garage door is appropriate because of its resistance to sea humidity and sand. With a colonial look, which accommodates neutral and warm colors, a top-paned window allows in light and complements every Victorian or Carriage home. For extra detail, design your drive-way with flowers or well-trimmed grasses.

Adding extra beauty and a fresh perspective to your garage is this eccentric and modern garage door design. The garage door is a frosted or acrylic glass design, accentuated with a wooden ribbed cover design, complementing the glass house. This design portrays the garage as a studio attached to the house, rather than just a garage. The glass garage doors allow in light for a pleasant brightness.

Well-polished mahogany or cedar wood requires no extra detail, as it delivers quality and finesse. The brown painted door matched to a stone wall, stands out and infuses vintage with contemporary architecture, as it complements the house and the drive-way by enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

For the right style, design, and a more informed decision on choosing the perfect garage door design for your home, you can read up on our site about the best materials and benefits, as well as view the types of garage doors we have available.

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