Sliding Garage Doors: A Quick Overview


There are many types of garage doors to install. A majority of the people only know about rolling and tilting garage doors. Rolling garage doors have sectional panels and they roll up and down to operate. Tilting garage doors, on the other hand, tilt outwards and then slide upwards and overheard to open. These two types aside, there are also sliding garage doors. Though uncommon, they are a viable option and we’re going to quickly discuss what they are all about.

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What are sliding garage doors?

Sliding garage doors are not that different from rolling and tilting garage doors. They may operate a little bit differently but they pretty much work the same. And they definitely serve the very same function as any garage door – which is to provide easy ingress and egress in and out of the garage/house. And they have been around just as long as other types of garage doors. In fact, in some cases, it would be hard to tell a sliding garage door apart from either a rolling or a tilting door.

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How they operate

Sliding garage doors operate just as the name suggests. They slide along a rail (or track) to either open or close. However, unlike rolling sectional doors that move up and down, sliding garage doors move horizontally from side to side. They, therefore, have one track at the bottom and another at the top. They operate in the very same way as a sliding door or a sliding gate. They can also operate manually or automatically using a garage door opener. When automated they feature a motor that provides power, a cable that pulls the doors, and most of the other basic parts.

Design expectations

Sliding garage doors come in numerous designs. Unlike rolling and tilting garage doors that all feature a few common designs, sliding garage doors have lots of design options for any discerning homeowner to choose from. For starters, your garage could have a single door or two panels where each slides to the opposite side. In terms of materials, these doors are manufactured using timber, wooden boards, aluminum panels, steel sheets, wrought iron, glass, and PVC. And between these materials, there are vast styles to choose from, e.g. contemporary, traditional, barn style, etc.

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The pros

  • Lots of aesthetic designs that would complement any home.
  • They help to save space overhead since they open and retract to the sides.
  • Might be less risky to operate because there are zero risks of the door failing and falling down where it might damage property or injure the user.
  • The unique operation is not common in the market.

The cons

  • They are harder to operate manually because their weight and gravitational pull do not come into much play.
  • They may inhibit wall storage options because they retract to the sides of the wall.
  • They may not be ideal for small garages where floor space is very limited.

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