Simple Parts You Can Replace on Your SD Garage Door to Give it Brand New Functionality


Every year thousands of Americans look for ways to spruce up their homes and add to their aesthetic appeal and functionality. And the same will happen this year as well. However, as kitchens, bathrooms, and backyards get decked out, garage doors often get neglected. This is quite unfortunate considering that garage doors are used every day and serve a very important role, that of security.

If you don’t want to replace the garage door in your San Diego home, you can simply replace a few crucial parts and that should add some considerable life and functionality to the unit. Those parts include:

  1. New cables

If your garage door uses cables then you know that these tend to snap every once in a while. And when they do you are not able to close or open your garage door properly. Due to tear and wear, these cables will degrade and weaken over time. Replacing them even before they snap helps to avoid the inconvenience of a stalled door. It also makes the garage door safer to operate because the new cable will be strong enough to hold up the door for many months to come.

  1. New tracks

Tracks on a garage door help to guide the unit up and down when closing or opening it. Some of the common repair issues with tracks include when they get hit and dented and when they get obstructed with dirt. This prevents the smooth operation of the door and can sometimes keep the door from opening or closing. If your SD garage door has been around for a few years, replacing the tracks can help ensure that it opens and closes smoothly (and fast). It’s a cheap investment with lots of benefits.

  1. New rollers

Rollers are usually mounted onto the garage door panels and set inside the tracks. They help to ensure the smooth operation of the garage doors and to keep them in place when open (horizontally) or when closed (vertically). Due to frequent use, these rollers can wear off. Replacing them with new ones allows the unit to close or open better with less resistance, and with less noise as well.

  1. New torsion springs

Torsion springs, for the garage doors that use them, act as a source of stored energy. When the door is closed, the springs wind up and store energy inside the coils. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and that releases the stored energy which then helps to lift the door with less effort needed on your part. After considerable use these torsion springs do break and that requires their replacement. So just by replacing them you get to guarantee the functionality of your door and avoid inconvenient repairs just as is the case with cable springs.

  1. Bottom rubber

The bottom rubber on garage doors helps to cushion the door against the impact of hitting the ground when it closes. The rubber also helps to act as an airtight seal at the bottom of the door by keeping out storm water and insects. Due to wear and tear occasioned over time, this bottom rubber can deteriorate. Replace it and protect your door from ground impact in order to prolong its longevity.

Replacing these simple and cheap parts will help considerably reduce the number of garage door repair San Diego callouts you make. And it will save you lots more money as well.

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