Signs it’s time to get your garage door looked at


 Do you want to keep your garage door functioning smoothly for years without a breakdown?

As a homeowner, there are a couple of maintenance tasks that do not require any expertise that you can perform without seeking help from a professional. However, there comes a time when the fault on your garage door can only be resolved by an expert.

Not being familiar with garage door repairs can be a detriment to your health. Hiring an expert from a leading repair company will definitely work to your advantage keeping you from any undesired injuries while the repair is in process.

Unsure of when you need professional intervention? Here are signs that your garage door is sick and needs repairs.

Slow Response Time

Observe your garage door keenly and note how long it takes when it comes to open/close response commands. In most cases, it should open/close within a second or two after you press the opener. The door must then open or close easily without any problems.

In case you see a delay in the opening or closing of the door, then something is wrong with the door or the opener.

Lack of Balance

The springs that hold up your garage door are bound to wear out and tear with time. Fluctuating temperatures and daily use exert stress on the metal. The springs may start to break down one after the other. If the door begins seems unstable as it opens and closes, try opening it manually and closing it halfway.

A garage door that stays out on letting go has absolutely no problem, but if it starts to fall, there are spring problems coming your way. You never know when the problem might occur. This problem should be dealt with immediately for safety purpose.

Excessive Noise

Coming out of your car after an exhausting day at work, working in your garage, you hear loud grinding, or banging as your garage door opens or closes. If so, there is a sure shot sign of some severe problem lurking behind the scenes.

Not only do you have to listen to the excessive noise every time you leave for work or come back home after a worn-out day at work, but this is a sign that some problems await you.  So, don’t let time slip you by, call in garage door repair expert right away. Do not wait for the situation to get out of hand.

Doesn’t Stay Open All The Way

Does your garage door open all the way, but then closes incompletely?  If so, there’s something wrong with its balance. This at first may seem like a minor thing to worry about, but there can be a problem that your garage door collapses when the balance goes off.

Well, this can certainly become dangerous, especially if there are pets and children around. When your door is off the balance, consider getting it repaired without any delay to avoid unforeseen accidents.

Bent Out of Shape

We seldom see a garage door that’s been out of shape to some extent, so much that it leads to almost an imperfect sealant over the garage. But there are some homeowners who leave their door this way, claiming that it’s not worth spending money on replacing the door if there’s not much damage to the bottom.

A professional garage door repair company can take care of the damage. It’s absolutely necessary to repair or replace a garage door that is worn out or twisted.

There are many homeowners who, in a bid to save some dollars, tend to undertake a major repair project pertaining to the garage door and end up making things worse. In the process, they either make the door worst or get severely injured in the process. Generally, it is not advisable to tackle that repair job if they have no expertise to handle it.


Many reasons account for a twist or wear out of the track on which the garage door rests. Note that a dented track can destroy your door.

There could be a problem with the track if your door begins to close and stops midway, only to return completely open. Ensure that the small wheels on your door roll smoothly. If you don’t seem to see any problems with the wheels or can’t identify a dented track, but the problem persists, then it’s time you hire an expert. He should clearly identify and tackle the problem with your garage door.

There are other problems which may arise as a combination of the above-listed signs and they might tend to affect the condition of your garage door after a long period of time due to an accumulation of different signs which you weren’t keen to and did not tackle them on time.

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