Choosing The perfect color!


There is a slew of elements that help form a fantastic look and uncanny curb appeal to your home. Exterior finishings are a huge factor, but so is the color you choose for your garage door.
Small details such as window trim color, along with exterior siding can have an impeccable influence, but the largest consideration is almost always going to be about your garage door. Think about that focal point for the eyes!   
As one of the most important features of your home, a garage door’s color can play a major role in how much your home stands out in your neighborhood, but also affect your home’s overall value. 
Always take into account that details make a home. Take some time to consider garage door colors. If your home is a neutral color, such as beige or gray, a white door will give it a cleaner, brighter pop. This is especially noticeable if your front door and trim are also white. On the other hand, if your home is white, adding a bit of color is a great way to brighten up the home while still keeping it suttle. In any case, keep in mind contrast! If attention to your garage door isn’t your goal, you can also match it to the color of your house. This seems like a simple thing, but it really does make an impacted difference.

Garage doors come available in a variety of colors and finishes, some examples are listed below:

1. White- White is a classic and a popular go-to choice. White garage doors are bright and crisp. They can really add to that curb appeal mentioned above. 
2. Sand Beige- Beige is neutral on the decorating scene, this shade has all the makings of the perfect garage door color. It blends into the background with many brick colors and keeps the focal point on your beautiful home
3. Mocha Brown- If you prefer warmer tones but like the idea of a dark color for your garage doors, mocha brown is a good choice for you. Mocha Brown can look like an expensive wood door without the expensive price tag.
4. Dark Sand Taupe- If you have brick in the taupe family, then choosing a traditional beige or taupe will camouflage your garage and not make it the focal point that it is not meant to be.
5. Charcoal Grey or Black- Black has always been a popular color choice for garage doors. For a contemporary look, paint your window panes the same color. Charcoal Gray or Black is elegant and hides dirt easier than a lighter color door.

For a bolder or more dramatic statement, black or a dark green color would be your route to go. More cozy colors such as red, or brown add richness and depth to the ultimate goal you’re trying to reach for your home. Also, keep in mind the material your home is made of. This determines a lot when choosing the perfect color for the exterior look of your focal point. 
But keep in mind the overall look and feel of the entire neighborhood so you don’t get carried away, and outshine your neighbors! 

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