Biggest Factors in Curb Appeal


Of course, there are any number of projects you can take on to improve your home’s curb appeal, but here are some of the biggest fact including some notes on short-term options.

The Projects

One of the biggest things you can do is replacing or re-covering your roof. On many homes, the roof is one of the biggest parts visible from the front of the home. It won’t be paid much mind if it looks good, but it looks bad it can grab a lot of attention. Of course, some roofs just need a good cleaning and a few shingles or tiles replaced. 

Doors are often times the second biggest, most visible part of curb appeal. Your front door is one of the few parts of your home everyone sees up close, so give it a paint makeover and new fixtures. And don’t forget about your garage door; it takes up a lot of the space on the front of your home. Not sure where to start on your garage door? Check out our guide on choosing a garage door

Landscaping is another huge part of curb appeal. Green grass and a few potted plants can do wonders for the look of your home. If you’re not sure what to do our friends at JTS can guide you through the design process and let you see the design in 3D before a shovel hits the ground.

Your driveway may not be the most fun to remodel because people won’t really notice a clean driveway, but a dirty and cracked driveway is a major eyesore. Power washing can do wonders for a driveway and any other outdoor surface. Check out these before and after shots from Fully Restored in San Diego:

In fact, power washing should have its own point. It’s not expensive and it can make the old look brand new. Walls, roofs, and driveways… This should probably be one of the first options you look into. 

Next is trim. Have you ever looked at a photo and everything was in black and white except a balloon or a taxi? Those pops are accents and they’re powerful. You can apply the same power to trim. Make your house pop with a bit of color. Black against a beige house can extenuate the windows and make your house look bigger. Red on a grey house makes it stand out. Ply Gem has a great visualizer that can help you see what will get the results you’re looking for. 

And lastly, the windows. If they’re broken, change them out. If you have the perfect spot for a bay window, do it! They not only make your home look better from the outside, they give a panoramic view from the breakfast or reading nook. Folks love a good reading nook!

Those are a few of the biggest things you can do to amp up your curb appeal. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to share, comment, and like!

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