9 Ways to Use of Your Second Garage


1. Wine Cellar

An extra garage could be a great wine cellar. Whether you are new to collecting wine or have been collecting for years you know that wines should be properly stored in the right lighting and temperature. Create a space for guests to come over and enjoy a little wine tasting. Or, section off a part of the garage with a humidifier and low lighting to keep it simple!

2. Home Theatre

Ever wanted to go to the movie theatre without all the hassle of actually going to one? Well, your second garage would be the perfect location for a private home theatre! Imagine a large projection screen, reclining chairs and sofas, and an old school popcorn machine in the back. Add some of your favorite candy and soft drinks and you’ve got yourself the perfect night in. Garages can be extremely useful as a home theatre; you can easily block out a lot of light and you can add more chairs than you would be able to in a basement. This way you can invite more guests to create a better experience!

3. Kids’ Playroom

Typically a basement is a great spot to have a room where the kids can play. However, not everyone has a basement, so your second garage would be the perfect spot. Children have a lot of time on their hands and the best way for them to spend that time is to play. You can create a space for your kid(s) where they can be free to use their imagination. This would be great for parents who work from home and are constantly distracted by their children playing in the other room.

4. Office Space/Studio

Alternatively to having a play area for kids, you can also utilize your second garage as an office space or studio. While the kids are in the house playing, you can have your own personal, quiet area to get your work done. Not only is this useful for parents, but even if you don’t have children. The office/studio is a place to work undistracted from the outside world, making your work day more productive.

5. Game Room/Poker Room

Lover of games but have no place for them? Well, your second garage could be just the place for that! Convert your garage into an entertainment room for guests and for yourself. It would be the perfect room to entertain with a pool table or ping-pong table, or even some arcade games. Get creative!

6. Guest House/Rental Space

If you often have guests come to stay over you can use your second garage as a nice guest house. You can also convert it into a studio apartment to gain some extra income and post it on sites like AirBnb. You can also rent the space out to local college students. Garages are great for this because they’re a perfect size to be used as a comfortable living space!

7. Library

If you’re a book lover, then the ultimate room for you is a library! Your second garage would be the most ideal location for your library. Imagine the walls covered in bookshelves and having a rolling ladder to help reach those books at the top shelf. Picture comfortable sofas, and dark wooden tables at the center of it all. The best part is that it’s so quiet because it’s away from the rest of the house. Oh how much reading and research you could get done in this space!

8. Bar/Beerhouse

If you love to kick back with a cold brew or some scotch on the rocks, then your second garage would be the ultimate bar space for you. Use the bar as a place where you can practice your bartending skills, then throw a party with your closest friends and show off! Having your second garage as a bar is great because it’ll be away from the living space leaving the noise and mess outside!

9. Home Gym

The hardest part of going to the gym is getting the motivation to get up and drive yourself there. You can avoid this by turning your second garage into a home gym! No memberships, no dirty equipment and especially no other people! For tips on how to turn your garage into a home gym check out the link to one of our other blog posts.

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